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About us

More than 7 years of experience in sports betting and casino in Europe and throughout the American continent.

We are a consulting company that implements projects in the field of organizational and operational development. Experts not only in sports betting and casino consulting, but also in covering the entire High Risk Market.

About us

High-knowledge about international companies and all of their departments and divisions.

Our experience is based on the proven tools, proprietary developments and practical knowledge, acquired over 7 years in the industry. Working with 7-World means working hand in hand with the founders of the company.

  • To produce and also introduce services & products
  • - To create and implement the most suitable strategy that brings new products to the market.
    - Elaborate an implementation plan which includes: description of the stages, calculation of commercial processes, production of new products, tropicalization and adaptation of the brand.
    - Investigate current competitors.

  • Develop a lead generation strategy and ensure it's implementation
  • - Conduct an audit in existing lead generation channels.
    - Develop a lead generation strategy and oversee its implementation.
    - Shape and test hypotheses to increase the effectiveness of lead generation channels.

  • Organize effective branding, marketing and sales work.
  • - Create marketing strategy and public relations processes.
    - Supervise the marketing and public relations department: work with the media, events organisers.Create a unique corporate identity, which makes the player understand why your company is the best and should be chosen. Create a need for the player.
    - Increase public relations of the brand with key executives of the media.
    - Search, recruite and implement partners, affiliates and media buy.
    - Participate in events related to the industry.



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We offer highly qualified personnel in the field of sports betting and casino

With the experience of already successfully implemented projects.



Our accounting staff is one of the few that dominate the processes and requirements of the field. This means that we can provide certain facilities to obtain maximum profitability with the minimum payment of taxes.



We help you with the creation of the annual marketing budget, assigning it to the necessary departments to achieve the best results at the lowest cost: Online marketing, offline marketing, branding, support and retention, affiliate recruitment and media buy.



A successful administration requires the localization and adaptation of the brand as well as personnel familiar with the peculiarities of the market. Our founders have vast experience in managing personnel, especially in the field working with locals, this guarantees the required control of the personnel and the quality of their work.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Our portfolio of CVs is exclusively filled with personnel with experience in sports betting and casino. Our human resources staff has exactly who you need, even in high turnover departments like player support and retention, we have the experience to ensure the success of this department.



We have design personnel specialized in the field, for the generation of visual impacts that carry your brand's message in the most effective way to your target audience..

Bussiness development

Bussiness development

The business development department is highly intuitive and always has a vision at the forefront of research for business development.

Payment methods

Payment methods

Already with more than 7 years of experience, 7-World knows perfectly which payment systems work well and which do not, they also know the key people of these payment systems, which will speed up the technical integration process.

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